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Digital - Cocktail Smoker

Discover the art of mixology like never before with our latest DIY project – crafting a sophisticated cocktail smoker right in the comfort of your own kitchen! Elevate your home bar experience by building this homemade, fancy gadget that adds a mesmerizing smoky twist to your favorite cocktails. In this step-by-step tutorial, we delve into the world of DIY craftsmanship and creative kitchen innovation, guiding you through the process of constructing your very own cocktail smoker

In this material you will find:

  • Bill of Materials (BoM) to your project

  • Required tools

  • All sizes and sketches that you will need

  • Tips and tricks to help you in the building process


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Required Skills/Suppliers

  • Just the will to build something

What to expect from this guide

In this guide you will find a step-by-step exactly how I produce the gold foiled home decor that you saw in the YouTube video or in my web-page. All the tricks that I used from the long time that I executed home projects will be detailed here. All the materials and tools that were necessary to build this lamp will be listed with a reference price (the same that I paid for the material).

What do not expect from this guide

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30 days warranty

If the purchased guide don't satisfy your expectations, you will have 30 days to ask your money back

This guide does not have the objective to train you in woodworking or other skills (ex: how to drill, how to saw, how to paint…). It’s not training material. It’s a detailed step-by-step guide that considers that you already know the basics about handwork or will learn it from other ways.


The images about the product are the result of the author's building process and are merely illustrative.

The result of the building process may vary for each one that conducts it due to different materials used in the process and different approaches in the building process itself.

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