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1:What is Hotmart?

Hotmart is a hoaster for digital products. It's a platform where digital product creators can share their products and connect to people that have interest in purchase it. It is a reliable website that has a sales engine that protects the customer and seller data. All the CUE products are commercialized through the Hotmart platform, to provide safety and ease to our clients.

2:What am I buying?

All the CUE products have a description that says exactly what you will receive from your purchase. Pay attention if it will fulfill your expectations. You will always find information about what you will receive, if the product demands some previous knowledge, what you should not expect from it, etc. 

3:When will I receive the product?

You will receive your product immediately after your purchase, in your e-mail.

4:How the 30 days warranty works?

You can always use your 30 days warranty to ask for your money back if the product that you purchased does not deliver what it explains in the description. You just need to go to the Hotmart website and request your money back.

We kindly ask that you don't use the warranty unnecessarily. Pay attention to the product description. We will always be crystal clear about what we are selling to better serve you. 

Use the following link if you need use your warranty:

Remember that you have one FREE product that we offer to you to try our material before doing your first purchase. Feel free to download it:

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